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The following types of digital ads can be applied

Digital marketing, especially digital advertising, will continue to take over, grow and dominate the marketing industry over the past decade. Digital agency services are becoming increasingly important to grow your business. However, you will find many types of digital ads that can be used for marketing

Different Types of Digital Marketing

1. Display Ads

Display ads or display ads are the most basic form of digital advertising and consist mainly of images and text. These usually appear on websites and especially blogs as banners, landing pages, pop-ups, or Flash ads. The main difference between image ads and other types of digital advertising services is that they don’t appear in search results.

Digital advertising agencies can use this method for small businesses because they can find these ads almost anywhere on the Internet. These types of ads are usually just ad space for websites that don’t include targeting, so they’re unlikely to be relevant to most users. However, it is cheaper than other types of advertising

2. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the most trusted type of digital ads because it is based on the keywords that users are searching for. Search engines may return thousands of results, but 90% of users complete the search on the first page. For this reason, it is important for digital advertising services to utilize SEM to run a business

3. Social Media Ads

Social media has become the largest platform for digital advertising due to its large number of users and the ease of targeting its audience. Due to the nature of the platform, many types of digital advertising intersect with social advertising. You must be very familiar with display ads, narrative ads, and even video ads.

However, there are two specific subtypes of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. Digital ads services on social media are basically native ads designed to increase advertised posts and reach specific people using an audience and tagged as sponsors or promotions.

4. Narrative Ads

Digital is similar to display advertising, but more strategic and targeted in terms of placement and targeting. Narrative ads are registered sponsors that are integrated into the feed and disguised. Native advertising is used by digital advertising agencies to create advertisements based on online habits and audience history and display related advertisements.

Native advertising is the least confusing advertising method for users, and most likely what they see is related to your product. So this is a solid reason for digital advertising agencies to use this method. Users often find digital ads useful because they are very relevant to what they are looking for.

You can choose the type of digital advertising based on the market share you are targeting. All forms of consideration need to be done before actually making a marketing choice. This marketing is quite expensive. You can choose to use digital marketing services from WEBARQ digital marketing agency jakarta with more than 10 years of experience.

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